Mini 14" Fairy Princess Balloon Packs

$ 12 $ 15

Plan your party around the adorable multi purpose 14" balloons. Buy each of them individually or in a pack. They are adorable as centerpieces on your table or just to add pops around for decor. You can choose between a Fairy Godmother, Crown, Castle, or Unicorn. Make a statement with this gorgeous air only balloon.!

*Balloons ar 14" and air only (will not float with helium)
**Balloons are REUSABLE! Use these over and over again for all your party needs. NOTE: Balloons can be re-inflated once they start to lose air over time but they cannot deflate completely for flat storage**

- displaying under or over a table to make a statement
- hanging on a wall
- hanging outside
- photobooth props
- cupcake or dessert table

Please note:
- balloons do not float with helium AIR ONLY
-balloons are shipped flat for self assembly
- balloons have tabs on the top and bottom for stringing or tying
- do not overfill balloon

Please include party date with your order.

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