Tangerine Dream Honeycomb Cluster

$ 10.40

Charm your guests at your next event with these "Tangerine Dream" Honeycomb Clusters in Orange, Peach and Yellow! Our Honeycomb clusters are the perfect addition to any party or event! You won't be disappointed and neither will your guests! (;

The 1 pack includes:
-(1) 8" Honeycomb Ball (you get to choose the color of the 8" Honeycomb Ball)
-(1) 4" Honeycomb Bauble
-(1) 3" Honeycomb Ball
-(1) 2" Mini Honeycomb Ball
-(1) 14" Mixed Tassels

The 3 pack includes:
-(3) 8" Honeycomb Balls (1 of each color)
-(3) 4" Honeycomb Baubles
-(3) 3" Honeycomb Balls
-(3) 2" Mini Honeycomb Balls
-(3) 14" Mixed Tassels

Honeycomb Clusters are shipped flat with easy assembly for a DIY option! They have an attached loop for hanging.

Please include your party date with your order.

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