Strawberry Sangria Honeycomb Cluster

$ 15.60

Charm your special event with these "Strawberry Sangria" Honeycomb Clusters in blush pink, magenta, white, peach and gold! Our Honeycomb clusters are the perfect addition to any Graduation, Wedding, Engagement, Birthday or Anniversary event. We carry a variety of combinations!

Honeycomb Clusters are great for:
- Displaying over a table to make a statement
- Hanging on a wall
- Hanging outside
- Photobooth back drop
- Wedding head table decor
- Cupcake or dessert table marker

Honeycomb Clusters are shipped flat with easy assembly for a DIY options (just open up the honeycombs). They have an attached loop for hanging.
They include:
-(1) 8" Honeycomb Ball
-(1) 4" Honeycomb Diamond
-(1) 3" Honeycomb Ball
-(1) 2" Mini Honeycomb Balls
-(1) 14" Mixed Tassel

Please include your party date with your order.

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