An Ode To Rose Gold


1. Go for an untraditional spin on a traditional color palette. Taking the road less traveled on your color choices allows you to have some fun incorporating the hues that inspire you. We found a line up of colors we loved and added our favorite rose gold.
-Tassels from Jamboree Style
-Faux Trees and Glass Ornaments from Michaels
Here’s some other color palettes we found for Christmas, that we love.
2. Focus on the little things to bring balance. If you have a special color you want to use in your decor, consider using it as a accent color. Often times lots of one color is too much, even if it’s your favorite color. Using the shade you’ve been swooning over in the small details of a spread can give it center stage. With this table setting we used neutral tones to fill the background with some accents of rose gold, in the name tag and other elements. This gives the copper hues a spotlight over the other decor. 
3. Don’t forget the food. Playing into the dishes you serve can be a fun way to incorporate your color.  Desserts, appetizers and toppers can be a way to use these tones without overdoing it. We would just suggest avoiding any “green eggs and ham” situations. Here we used the rose gold foil straws from our shop for these tasty cake pops. 
Here are some other ideas we saw:  
4. Wear the MOST WANTED color. Nothing better than to express your loyalty for a color by wearing it. Any day is a day to dress up put on a some lip stick and a necklace. Here we have The Platinum from Jamboree Jewels shop. We paired it with a simple black dress to draw attention to these popping, rosy jewels and balance the entire ensemble. 
-Necklace from: “The Platinum Necklace” from Jamboree Jewels Knockout Collection
-Dress from Rent the Runway: $85 Rental
-Shoes from Choices: $45.99 (on sale for $37.99)
-Clutch From Charlotte Rouse, $18.99
-Nail Polish From OPI AmazON AmazOFF: $10
5. Go all out! Try something new, try something different, and do not let anyone cramp your style.  We included this trendy Evite, because Paperless Post is out of this world. They have a slew of choices that are all easily customizable and affordable. It’s that time of year for cocktail parties, so here is a classy design we put together with some rose gold details.
Author- Mikyl Swoboda
Editor- Cassi Kretz

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