Custom DIY Balloon Wall Kit

$ 49

These DIY Custom Balloon Wall Kits are nothing short of show stoppers! Use it to impress all your guests at your next event!

What to Expect in your Custom Balloon Wall Box:
Variety of balloons in the colors that you choose

Custom Balloon Walls include:

-5'x5' (also makes a 4'x6' wall) wall contains 100 Balloons (11" and 5" variety)

-6'x8' (also makes a 7'x7' wall) wall contains 190 Balloons (11" and 5" variety)





PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using an air compressor or an electric balloon pump for the larger walls due to the sheer quantity of balloons used


** Balloon Walls  also come with the option to upgrade your latex balloons to our "Specialty Latex Balloons"  You will get equal parts of each of the latex balloons that you select in the 11" size. Specialty balloons don't come in 5" sizes.

**Every Balloon Wall Kit comes with the option of adding XL Novelty Balloons, any of the mylar balloons and 24" latex balloons.  This option is available in the second dropdown

- Mini Rubber Bands (for assembly)
- String (for assembly)
- Detailed Video Instructions for How to Assemble The Balloon Wall

*We recommend using 1 Novelty per 2'x2' section - Approximately 5 for a 5'x5' wall.

Believe it or not, these are not hard to assemble! Does not require any previous balloon handling or crafting experience.

For a video tutorial on how to assemble, check out this link:


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