Succulent Balloon Garland Kit

$ 17

This "Succulent" Balloon Garland is nothing short of a show stopper! Use it to impress all your guests at your next event!

What to Expect in your 'Succulent' Balloon Garland Box:
Variety of Blush Pink, Lime Green, Cream, Clear and Pearl Blush Balloons
**Each garland comes with the option of adding giant 24" Blush Pink Balloons**
- 4ft Garland contains 36 balloons (11" and 5" variety)
- 8ft Garland contains 74 balloons (11" and 5" variety)
- 12ft Garland contains 110 balloons (11" and 5" variety)
- 20ft Garland contains 184 balloons (11" and 5" variety)

- Mini Rubber Bands (for assembly)
- String (for assembly)
- Detailed Instructions on How to Construct the Garland

**We recommend using 1 Giant 24" Blush Balloon per 2ft

Believe it or not, these are not hard to assemble! Does not require any previous balloon handling or crafting experience.

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