Candied Potions Balloon Garland Kit

$ 18

This "Candied Potions" Balloon Garland is nothing short of a show stopper! Use it to impress all your guests at your next event!

What to Expect in your 'Candied Potions' Balloon Garland Box:
Variety of White Gold Chrome, Lavender, Blush Pink and Peach balloons

* Each Garland comes with Silver Orb Balloons with vinyl stickers for the ghost faces. Quantity is based on garland length

- 4ft Garland contains 36 balloons (11" and 5" variety plus 2 silver orbs and vinyl)
- 8ft Garland contains 74 balloons (11" and 5" variety plus 4 silver orbs and vinyl)
- 12ft Garland contains 110 balloons (11" and 5" variety plus 6 silver orbs and vinyl)
- 20ft Garland contains 184 balloons (11" and 5" variety plus 10 silver orbs plus vinyl)

- Mini Rubber Bands (for assembly)
- String (for assembly)
- Detailed Instructions on How to Construct the Garland

**Every Garland comes with the option of adding Rose Gold Orb Balloons. We recommend 1 orb balloon per 2ft.

Believe it or not, these are not hard to assemble! Does not require any previous balloon handling or crafting experience.

- You are required to put the vinyl faces on the silver orbs. We recommend putting the faces on after the garland has been assembled so you know exactly where they should go. It's super easy. :) 


For a video tutorial on how to assemble, check out this link:

Checkout our YouTube Channel for how to and instructional videos

**Please note Props used in pictures are not included in this listing*** 

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